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Ermak: “We will never agree to a frozen conflict with Putin”

“Give us weapons, and we will do the job,” emphasized the head of the OPU.

Ermak: >

Transforming the war into a defensive one could lead to to freeze the conflict. Ukraine does not agree to this.

This was stated in an interview with Le Figaro by the head of the Office of the President Andriy Ermak.

“It is impossible to wage a defensive war. The transition to a defensive position often leads to the freezing of the conflict” We have seen this since 2014. We will never agree to a frozen conflict with Putin,” Ermak said.

He emphasized that Ukraine is counting on partners and at the same time working on the development of its military-industrial complex.

“The Russians still hope to have an advantage over us in resources. We have to rely on technological advantages. The front line extends over 2,000 kilometers, and much of it is the scene of very brutal fighting. We have to be realistic. The situation is certainly difficult, but the motivation of our people, the motivation of our soldiers is very high. We are fighting for our survival, for our land, for the victory that we believe in,” noted the head of the OPU and once again called on our partners to give weapons: “Give us weapons, and we will let's do the job.”

Also, the head of the President's Office mentioned the problem of mobilization in Ukraine.

“At the front, troops complain about a lack of people and resources and say that they are no longer able to advance. This , is certainly a problem, and there is no point in hiding it. Some soldiers need rest. Many have been on the front line for two years. The government and the General Staff are working on a new law on mobilization, which will soon be submitted to parliament. And on a realistic military strategy. The transition period is still ongoing,” Yermak added.

  • The day before, CNN published a story citing sources saying that no matter who wins the next presidential election in the United States, American and Western intelligence suggests that the war in Ukraine will continue for several more years – from 2 to 5. At the same time, Russia may be planning an offensive in the summer of 2024, and Ukraine is preparing for a counter-offensive in 2025.


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