• 03/03/2024 10:23

The Pentagon named the main theme “Ramstein” on the importance of US pennies for Ukraine

Meeting of the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine at the Ramstein format, which will take place on the 23rd of today, bu de dedicated to the long-term needs of Ukraine.

This was stated by Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, as RBC-Ukraine reported to AP.

“We don’t care about those we can’t give our I will help you in safety immediately, our partners will continue to work,” Singh said.

The meeting will be virtual, while Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is still home after suffering from prostate cancer.

The Pentagon announced its continued assistance to Ukraine in the security sector on the 27th. The package was worth 250 million dollars, including 155-mm shells, Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and other items taken from the US stockpile.

At that time, the US was unable to provide additional assistance, leaving pennies for more these stocks have run out, and Congress has not yet confirmed the additional costs.

Aid to Ukraine and Israel amounting to more than 110 billion dollars was divided between Congress and the House of Representatives and other political priorities, including additional security at the borders of the United States and Mexico.

Aid to Ukraine's allies

The US gave Ukraine over 44.2 billion dollars in the form of assistance in the security sector since the invasion of Russia in the cruelty of 2022. Nearly $23.6 billion of this price was taken from existing military reserves, and another $19 billion came from long-term military contracts for goods that would take months.

In this way, we They don’t care about those who are extracted, parts of the previously purchased zebra are durable. An additional $1.7 billion was provided by the US Department of Defense in the form of foreign military funding.

The US and about 30 international partners will also continue to support Ukrainian forces to this day Chile called 118 thousand Ukrainians at points around the world, informing Colonel Marty O'Donnell, representative of the US Army in Europe and Africa.

The acquired States trained about 18 thousand such fighters, while about 16.3 thousand soldiers were created in Germany. Another 1,500 fighters are currently undergoing training.

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