• 04/03/2024 05:34

US forces have lost over 25 Houthi missile launchers, – Pentagon

The American military and its allies lost over 25 Houthi missile launchers as a result of the success of other airstrikes, starting from 11 SICHNI.

about the representation of the representation of the Pentagon Patrik Ryder, the RBK-Ukrainian, the Pacing of the Yogo Videobring.

“Z 11th American vіsyskovsky, nobo-nuclear 25 triggers “over 20 missiles to the Yemeni movement “Ansar Allah,” Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder told the Yemeni movement.

In his words, the strikes by US and allied aircraft on the targets of the grouped Houthis in Yemen were effective.

Ryder Takozh is attached, the USA PID Hour Drive was attacked by Miss Bazuvannya Beazovnnya Bezpіlotnitnitovyv, Radariv, a reputation of a frenzied configuration, the warehouses of the zbro. As of 12 September, the United States and Britain launched heavy strikes against Houthi targets near Yemeni, involving aircraft and ships. The targets of the strikes were the centers of conservation of the Houthis' military base and military base.

Later it became clear that it was time to send the frigate “Hesse” to the Red Sea as part of the EU mission against the Houthis. Belgium will also supply the frigate Louise-Marie to participate in the European defense operation near the Red Sea.

We previously wrote who the Houthis are and why they attack ships near the Red Sea.

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