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In Ukraine it is allowed to breed domestic animals in Ukrittya

In Ukraine, brothers were allowed to stay in hiding during the hour of widespread concern about domestic animals us. These changes were made by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with submissions to the Unified Register of State Normative Acts.

Along with the document, MVS resident Igor Klimenko ordered to make changes before ” The use of dry spores of civil protection can be eliminated.”

The document states that individuals who arrive in the shelters with domestic animals can be located in nearby areas or fortified areas. Istsyakh.

Crime In addition, the owners of domestic animals can provide:

  • a permanent view of the animals;
  • necessary intelligence that reflects the biological, species and individual characteristics of the domestic animal;
  • safety of estranged people and animals, as well as the safety of domestic animals;
  • safety of accompanying domestic animals;
  • up to date in accordance with sanitary, hygienic and veterinary standards and rules.

In addition, domestic animals that “can cause harm to the life and health of people” are to be kept on leashes, and dogs brought in before the migration of unsafe breeds of dogs are muzzled.< /p>

The order instills orderliness from Thursday, 25th September.

Guess what, on the 14th, under the hour of high anxiety, two children were not allowed into the shelter near the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev. I finally decided to let the children go because they stank with the dog.

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