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Lubinets about IL-76: they didn’t show a sign that there were so many people in the flight

There are no usual signs that would indicate that there is an Il-76 aircraft on board, which near Belgorod, there could be dozens of people, as stated in Russia.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a request for human rights representative Dmitry Lubints in a telethon.

The Ombudsman confirmed that Yesterday there will be an exchange of troops with the Russian Federation. Representatives of your office were present.

“We need to immediately analyze the status of our heroes as we turn from full circle. We also note the minds of Ukraine’s efforts to destroy the Russian military forces. We appreciate the special call given by the international body izatsiyam, so that then legally all illegal statements of the Russian Federation, no matter what “We are not dealing well with the Russian military forces,” said Vin.

Commenting on the situation with the pilot, Lubinets stated that under the Geneva Convention all responsibility for the life and health of military personnel is borne by the country that holds them in Russia.

“Until the moment when the army is completed through the exchange process turn to their Fatherland, until that hour all the responsibility lies on the side of Trimann.Therefore, in our opinion, since this exchange was planned, the Russian Federation was obliged to inform the representatives of the ICCH that they would be transporting military troops. “This legal work is to work in such a manner to ensure the safety of daily transportation, as well as safety along the entire route,” he explained.

In my opinion, Russia was planning an information campaign against Ukraine. This is to explain the Swedish reaction on the side of the Russian Federation.

The Ombudsman added that he supports the position of President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the international investigation.

“We see a clear-sighted international investigation. Today I will send letters to the UN, Chervony Khresta.We are already ready. Believe me, a legally clear reaction from the side of Ukraine will show that we are not violating the Geneva Convention and are rightly pursuing both the military forces and all the citizens who are located on our territory “and the powers, like the Russians, who came to occupy our territory,” – Lubinets shouted.

In his words, Ukraine will accept investigations, calls for international and Ukrainian experts. As a result of the fall in Olenivtsi, the Russians will make unsubstantiated statements, but will not allow anyone in, will not transfer the necessary materials for analysis, and will call Ukraine.

Ombudsman for analysis armchair, it is still unknown who, having been on An Il-76 aircraft at the time of the plane crash. I also doubt that there could be dozens of people there, as Russia claims.

“If there were bodies there, again, I am not an expert, but in my opinion, if the Russians wanted them there Any photos or videos that could have shown that there were military overruns there, then they would have been victorious. We didn’t get any signs that there were such a large number of people in the flight.The citizens of Ukraine, even the citizens of Ukraine,” said Lubinets.

The fall of the Russian aircraft Il-76

Yesterday, the 24th, in the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region, the Russian military-transport aircraft crashed Il-76. Dzherela RBC-Ukraine report that the ship was carrying missiles for the S-300 air defense system.

In Russia, it is confirmed that the aircraft carried 65 full Ukrainian military personnel, six crew members and three escorts. smell Ukraine from a beaten plane.< /p>

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense confirmed that the exchange will begin yesterday. However, I will not confirm the statement about those who were involved in the Ukrainian army in flight.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky later stated that Russians are fighting for the lives of Ukrainian prisoners. He called for an international investigation.

Today it became clear that the SBU recovered from the right through the crash of Il-76 near the Belgorod region. The investigation is underway at Art. 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of laws and war).

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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