• 25/02/2024 19:42

No problem: the NBU predicted the beginning of the return of refugees from behind the cordon

Last year, the National Bank of Ukraine picked up the beginnings of a return of Ukrainian migrants due to cordon at 2024 roci. The infection, however, is not recorded.

As stated by the head of the NBU, Andriy Pishny, RBC-Ukraine is informed of the briefing that was broadcast on Youtube.

“The forecast for 2024 will have to be carefully made until the migration flow to Ukraine returns. First of all, through the safe havens. In addition, the factor of assimilation, the persistence of our citizens before a life that stinks, is influx “They’re starting to get involved behind the cordon,” he said.

In addition, the intercessor of the head of the NBU, Serhiy Nikolaychuk, reported that the risks associated with the war have become stronger.

“In this river, we notice an insignificant increase in the number of our migrants. I “Already now, as we implement the reduction in non-banking risks, we are likely to see a change of about 400 thousand,” he said.

Nikolaychuk noted that the NBU estimates the supply of foreign currency (based on the balance of payments for the price increase) for Ukrainian migrants abroad in 2022 at the level of 20 billion dollars per river, in 2023 – 18 billion dollars, in 2024 – 13 billion dollars. The decrease is due to the fact that Ukrainians are becoming tax residents of the EU countries.

NBU Deputy Head Yuriy Heletiy reported that Ukrainians are spending illegally abroad through cards of Ukrainian banks from the capital Last fate was around 35 million dollars.

Refugees from Ukraine

According to data from the UN Agency, as of 31 April 2023, 6.357 million refugees from Ukraine were recorded in the world (5.954 million refugees were recorded in Europe і 0.404 million outside Europe).

The International Monetary Fund estimates that close to 2 million Ukrainian refugees will forever be left behind the cordon after the end of the war with Russia.

It seems likely that the NBU has found out scho increase 2024 rock turn around 100 yew . migrants, and the 2025 population will have approximately 700 thousand. osib.

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