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The EU can “collapse” the economy of the Ugorsk region because it does not support the aid package for Ukraine, – FT

The European Union has prepared a plan of economic sanctions against the Ugorshchina, because it will not work donations for assistance to Ukraine. Meta – to destroy the economy of Ugorshchina and to stir up the veto.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via the Financial Times.

With ahead of Ugorshchina, as it does not know the veto of Ukraine on the very first day, other countries of the EU publicly declare that they will not give financial assistance to the Ugor region.

This can lead to the fact that investors will be less willing to invest money in the Ugric region, which can lead to a fall in the exchange rate of the Ugric forint.

As a result, this can lead to economic problems in Ugorshchina, such as the loss of workers and increased economic growth. Under the pressure of the EU, Ugorsk region was willing to compromise to help Ukraine.

European Union for the economic development of the Ugorsk region. The Ukrainian economy is characterized by a high government deficit, high inflation, a weak currency and a high level of payments for servicing the bank. In addition, the Ugric economy is rich in foreign financing, apart from financing from the side of the EU.

The Ugric Minister on the right of the EU, Janos Boka, stated that the Ugric region is ready to support the aid plan for Ukraine і by 50 billion euros, otherwise it will require , so that she has a stronger veto right on payments.

Other parts of the EU have put forward this proposal, fearing that the Prime Minister of the Ugric region, Viktor Orban, will vikorize them in order to block payment of the short term and seek dastardly actions. However, one diplomat said that Orban does not have the ability to veto funding.

Members of the EU considered the possibility of stopping Article 7 of the Treaty of European Union, which allows the EU to allow a member state to vote or block its funding. However, other countries have floated this idea, as they will require uniform support, and most countries do not want to impose such serious sanctions against the Ugorshchina.

Bok and having stated that it is important save the life of the EU. He said that the Ugorshchina is ready to make compromises, but only because they do not interfere with their vital interests.

As compromises will not be achieved , Ugorshchina will give priority to its initial proposal about a new fund for Ukraine with the EU budget.

Veto of Ugorshchina on additional aid to Ukraine

At the birth of 2023, Viktor Orban hanging his mind trims a new package of assistance to Ukraine from the European Union. For which organization it is necessary to pay all the funds frozen for the Ugorshchina.

Before the speech, the European Union could not praise the vision of 50 billion euros for Ukraine, after the premiere -Minister of Ugorsk region Viktor Orban vetoed.

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