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Stoltenberg to team up with Trump allies to lobby for fund aid to Ukraine

On Monday, 29 September, Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) Jens Stoltenberg arrived From the visit until the Receipt of the States. There, he plans to ally with representatives of Joe Biden’s administration, congressmen, and also ex-President Donald Trump’s lieutenants in order to push for the approval of a package of assistance worth over 60 billion dollars for Ukraine.

RBC reports about this. Ukraine with instructions on Politico.

Vidannya means that on Wednesday, the 31st, the Alliance will leave the promotion of The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank closely associated with Trump. The visit comes at a time when the ex-president and his lieutenants pressure the Republicans to pass an aid package worth $111 billion, which will provide aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, through the Stay with the White House to fight illegal migration at the US border with Mexico.

“At The Heritage Foundation, Stoltenberg is likely to have a skeptical audience who are in favor of Europe taking a leading role from the Ukrainian side, while the United States shifts its respect to Indo-Pacific region”, – available from the publication.

Daily visit procedure

On Tuesday, June 30, the NATO Secretary General leads Congress to meet with House Speaker Mike Johnson, Democratic Minority Leader Hakim Jeffries, Republican Minority Leader in the Senate. Mitch McConnell and other representatives of the offending parties. The Senate can easily accommodate the interests of border politics. However, members of the House of Representatives call her “deadborn.”

Later this year, Stoltenberg will crash into the Lockheed Martin missile plant near Alabama, apparently repeating President Joe Biden's argument that jobs in the American defense complex lie directly in US assistance to Kiev.

“These are the messages.” will be directly on the isolationist wing of the Republican Party and legislators who are discussing Biden's request for assistance to Ukraine, which will drag on for several months. The fragments of Kiev and Moscow at the moment, it seems, have driven themselves into a remote corner, and “The sides cannot muster enough fighting force to achieve significant breaks in their food,” writes Politico.

The long war and the successes of Ukraine

One of the military NATO officials anonymously confirmed the evidence that the Alliance is not seeing any destruction on the front line.

“We are all the same now, Ukraine's counterattack did not bring any significant results. However, this does not mean that Russia is overcoming, regardless of Russian propaganda. The war at this stage is “long-term”, which is associated with the demonstration of American leadership, which we all support and want,” he said official.

At the same time, Stoltenberg noted several significant successes, which confirm the evidence of this life in the prelude to the holy day of the 75th River Alliance in Washington near Lipna.

Zokrema, the Secretary General of the Alliance plans to inform about those as NATO countries will increase their defense production and efforts are being made to arrange the land with Ukrainian producers in order to unleash the renewal of the potential of Kiev from the production of the powerful outbreak – a message about the restoration of the powerful forces, which, no doubt, will find predators in Washington.

“It seems that there is a great interest both on the Ukrainian side and on the side of the American (defense) industry in what they can earn in order to deal with the Ukrainians,” Mira Re said in an interview with Politico. sign, hospital attendant of the Regional Security Administration That transfer was reserved for the US Department of State.

“What I sensed from the representatives of the industry is that they are truly hostile to the Ukrainians. There is a real possibility of what the Ukrainians were able to achieve, and the idea of ​​bringing technology to their own.” will, – rotate the power of drones and modernize incoming missiles and missiles on his litaki і launching attitudes of the Radyanski hour, ”the Reznik applied.

Pіddrimka Ukrainian with Boka NATO

at Monday, 29 SINS, єns Stoltenberg Proviv Zustych Iz Minstrom by Lloyd Ostin. The parties discussed additional assistance to Ukraine and the criticality of the rapid increase in defense production.

Recently, the Secretary General of the Alliance stated that NATO allies should become more active before another source of Russian invasion of Ukraine and give more Please help Kiev.

< p>According to the Institute of Warfare, the recent shelling of infrastructure facilities on the territory of Russia is the result of Ukraine’s first secret investigations of the power system. Nowadays, to improve the mass production of such equipment, especially from the acquisition of current cutting-edge technologies, Kiev faces few problems.

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