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Companies from Moldova sold spare parts for aircraft worth 15 million dollars to the Russian Federation, – ZMI

Companies from Moldova sold spare parts for aircraft to the Russian Federation for 1 5 million dollars, - ZMI < p>Three companies from Moldova in 2022-2023 sold spare parts for aircraft to Russia for a total amount of about 15 million dollars, despite the introduction of sanctions against the aggressor country.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this let's do it on Radio Europa.

According to the investigation, the supply of spare parts to Russian aircraft through Moldova began several months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Parts from foreign countries were spent at the Peremoga airline and S7 Engineering.

Three Moldovan companies were involved in the scheme – Airrock Solutions, Aerostage Services and Maxjet Service. The first two were founded in 2021 and 2022, apparently, their leader is the top top official of the Moldovan airline Air Moldova Ivan Melnikov, the third was founded in 2011.

All three companies acted as intermediaries – they placed orders for spare parts , after which they helped transport them to Russia, sometimes directly to Russian airports. In this case, the delivery did not take place through Moldovan territory.

The investigation suggests that the reason for this situation could be the non-recognition of Moldova until the European Union imposes sanctions on Russia for the supply of parts for aviation.

Dzherela, in the office of the President of Moldova, said that “They know about these problems and are already dealing with them.” competent authorities.”

Sanctions on Russian aviation

It has recently been reported that Russian airlines are experiencing frequent aircraft breakdowns due to sanctions for repairs and replacement of spare parts. part.

Also in Ireland is looking into the matter of flights that may be stolen. In connection with this, Russian companies may be subject to 37 aerial abortions outside Russia.

And the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine filed a petition to the High Anti-Corruption Court about the imposition of sanctions on the government. two pilots of the Russian company “Illumination Finance Co.” at the state's income.

In addition, the largest private aviation company in Russia, S7 Airlines, plans to reduce the staff of its airline workers. The reason for this was a simple flight.

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