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The Ukrainian state suffered from a cyber attack: over 2,000 computers were damaged

The Ukrainian state suffered from a cyber attack. As a result, more than 2,000 computers were damaged.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this by sending a message to the State Service for Special Liaison and Information Protection of Ukraine.

What is known about the attack

“The orderly response command on the computer of the superordinate government of Ukraine CERT-UA, as it is under the State Special Signal, provided practical assistance to the state enterprise,” the report says.

It appears that the company's computers have detected a massive attack on the useless DIRTYMOE (PURPLEFOX) program, which allows remote access to devices.

How to protect yourself from potential attacks

The team conducted research on the removal of letters in useless programs, established the peculiarities of the functioning of the infrastructure various servers and identified over 2000 computers in the Ukrainian Internet segment.

Activity monitored under the UAC-0027 identifier is described.

“The senior team leaders say that when operating computers running legacy operating systems, in order to reduce the potential attack surface, it is recommended to view such computers (with the help of a VLAN or physical segmentation) in addition to the border segments with oblique filtration as input , as well as output information flows,” the State Special Press reported.

A hacker attack on Kyivstar

12th became a large-scale attack on the robot company Kyivstar. Merezh was attacked by hackers, reportedly Russian. Law enforcement authorities have destroyed the criminal justice system in all cases.

Due to the interruption of the operator’s robot throughout the region, subscribers recorded the presence of a mobile connection and the Internet, without accessing the site and add-ons. In addition, in the lower regions, the alarm system for notifying about the emergency was broken, the terminals did not work.

For more details about the large-scale failure at Kyivstar, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

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