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Why Orban opposes assistance to Ukraine from the EU: an analyst named three reasons

Ugric Prime Minister Viktor Orban continues to block the EU's financial vision additional assistance to Ukraine at a size of 50 billion euros This position of the Ugric politician can be explained by three reasons.

This is explained in the RBC-Ukraine article “Another round. How Ukraine rejects money from the EU and which Orban relies on.”

According to Leo Litri, a senior analyst at the Nova Europe Center, the blocking of aid to Ukraine by the Ugorshchina can be explained by three reasons.

Persha-Orban wants to take back the funds frozen in the EU.

Another reason lies. He has friendship with the Kremlin, despite the dictator Volodymyr Putin. This is reflected in the statements and behavior of the Ukrainian Prime Minister: he either calls for negotiations with the Russian Federation, or predicts Ukraine’s inevitable defeat in the war.

“At this point, if there is still no support from the United States, if Ukraine even requires this support, since there will be no support from the side of the EU, then Ukraine will end up with a rotten situation. for the national budget, we are talking about economic assistance,” – having named Litra.

The third reason, according to the analyst, is that Orban’s mother has flowed into the decision of the European Union.

Help for Ukraine from the EU

It seems that even in the past, the leaders of the countries of the EU have been elected Xia at the same time One of the key provisions was the donation of 50 billion to Ukraine until 2027.

Ugric Prime Minister Viktor Orban vetoed such an initiative. Last year, Euroradia President Charles Michel announced a new meeting for discussing food. It will be released today, February 1st.

Recently, Orban declared that he was ready to support Ukraine once again with a major vote before continued funding.

It became a little bit about those who EU You can impose economic sanctions against Ukraine, since there is a veto again.

For terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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