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Zaluzhny believes that drones will help Ukraine emerge from a positional war

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Valery Zaluzhny, appreciates that the development of the Armed Forces is important and technology will help Ukraine get out of positional war. Zokrema mov about drones.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, which reported on the article of the Ukrainian military leader for CNN.

According to Zaluzhny, the main reason for the change in strategy and methods of military stagnation is the development of military technology, and especially unmanned systems. We note that their stagnation has become widespread and allows for the release of a wide range of tasks.

“As unmanned systems, a number of other new types have been created, and they are not a single tool for leaving the military Its positional form is similar to that of the hour “not good for Ukraine for a whole number of reasons,” says Zaluzhny.

However, it is important that low factors are responsible for madly pouring into decisions in search of new forms of stagnation of defense forces.

In my opinion, the political situation in Ukraine is unstable. And also the high likelihood of Russia provoking low conflicts behind the butt of Israel and Yemen and the promotion of the main partners in support of Ukraine.

Deserved respect and respect for the partner c, from their reserves of missiles and ammunition to artillery and anti-aircraft guns. This was affected by the high intensity of military operations in Ukraine and the impossibility of their rapid preparation against the backdrop of a light shortage of gunpowder.

Zaluzhny’s declaration of a positional war

At the fall of the past Valery Zaluzhny in speaking about those that the war in Ukraine will immediately switch to new stage This is what we call the “positional” war of static and decisive combat.

Zaluzhny also stated that Ukraine needs to carry out massive strikes using a variety of baits and strikes without force. Lotnikiv. This is to allow the anti-aircraft defense system of Russia to be re-engineered.

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