• 29/02/2024 23:54

Pivnichnaya Korea launched missile launches for the fourth time this week

Pivnichny Korea launched a number of winged missiles to save its approach, which became the fourth attack com for this week, If Pyongyang launches such missiles, both would be protected.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via correspondence to Reuters.

The Korean War reported that the launch was confirmed by France, but did not provide further details ї information.

Last year, North Korea announced that it had tested “strategic” missiles, suggesting that they could be used to carry nuclear warheads.

Earlier this year, the powers reported that Eternal Korea tried its new wings submarine-based missiles (KRPB). Leader Kim Jong-ying was on the scene and monitored the launch, where missiles with the same identification marks as land-based missiles were victorious.

Western Korea said that Pivnich may have and tries rockets to promote your potential.

The last launch was canceled after Pivnich announced on Friday that she had inspected the shipyard at the port town of Nampho on the outskirts of the coast and praised the importance of strong military-naval forces near preparations before the war”, together with the sovereign ZMI.

DPRK provocations

DPRK leader Kim Jong Ying has made a low statement indicating his commitment and readiness to start a war with South Korea.

The New York Times reported that What is the US transferring? There is a possibility of military action between the DPRK and South Korea in the coming month.

However, as noted by ZMI, Pyongyang has a reason not to flare up the conflict, even the pace of economic growth in Pivnichno ї Korea reached the highest level in almost ten years through sales of Russia .

The White House has learned that Southern Korea is planning to create long-range ballistic missiles and will continue to work on military production.

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