• 03/03/2024 10:25

Biden intends to veto a bill to help Israel without costing Ukraine

The White House vetoes the bill to help Israel, since it does not matter remember.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

The Biden administration wants to help Ukraine and Israel, and also finance the security of cordons to be included in a single package.

“The administration earnestly urges the offending Houses of Congress to stop this political twist and insist on quickly sending a bipartisan law on additional appropriations for national security to the President’s desk,” the statement reads. and management of the White House.

For many months, the Biden administration has been quietly With Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, she was working on a bill that would further reform the US immigration system, provide additional funds for border security, and also see billions of dollars to help Ukraine, Israel and partners in India about the Pacific region.

Come in soon The donation of 118 billion dollars will also allow for the provision of humanitarian aid to civilians who have suffered in global conflicts.

“The administration strongly opposes this approach, which does not compromise anything to ensure the security of the border, does not compromise anything to help the people of Ukraine defend themselves against Putin’s aggression, does not support the security of American synagogues , mosques and places of worship and provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians “. “The majority are women and children,” the application says.

US aid to Ukraine

Previously, we reported that the US Senate has presented a new bill on aid to Ukraine. Ukraine, Israel and on the value of the US cordon.

Before the speech, Biden spoke sharply about the bill on assistance to Israel without Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden also proposed to Congress to see 106 billion dollars for assistance to Ukraine And to Israel. But until now the food has not been decided.

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