• 27/02/2024 18:58

When checking phones, the occupiers force people to delete Ukrainian numbers, – Fedorov

This is one of the methods of their fight against “SBU agents.”

Occupants, when checking phones, force people to delete Ukrainian numbers, – Fedorov

Ochelnik Zaporozh that infidels are resorting to new methods terror in the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporozhye region.

“When checking phones, local police forces people to delete Ukrainian numbers. According to law enforcement officers, such contacts can be dangerous, because they see SBU agents everywhere, Fedorov said.

He also said that they are organizing filtration in the villages – they are looking for disloyal local residents. They check for the presence of Russian ausweiss, interrogate those who disobey or take them to an unknown direction. In houses where there are no owners, they take out doors and climb through broken windows in order to “profit” from the food or property of peaceful people.

“The occupiers in their propaganda report on development and a quiet life, but they themselves resort to new methods of terror and the creation of an information vacuum for the supposedly “liberated” civilian population,” said the head of the Zaporozhye OVA.< /p>


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