• 03/03/2024 10:22

Not only the BDK Novocherkassk: another ship was damaged during the Air Force strike on Feodosia (PHOTO)

In addition to the large landing ship Novocherkassk destroyed as a result of a missile strike by the Ukrainian Defense Forces on December 26, another ship was partially sunk in Feodosia.

Not only the BDK

Photo – pravda.com.ua< /p>

As NBN reports, this is stated in the material of Radio Liberty. According to the publication, an old training ship of the Russian invaders, UTS-150, was partially sunk as a result of a missile strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Feodosia.

These conclusions were made based on an analysis of footage that was taken temporarily in the port occupied Feodosia on Tuesday.

The message also notes that now partially submerged as a result of a strike inflicted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the night of December 26, the UTS-150 ship can be seen in photographs from the port in Feodosia at least since 2007.

Not only the BDK

Remember , earlier the head of the press center of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, Natalya Gumenyuk, stated that with a strike on Feodosia, the Ukrainian Armed Forces could destroy not one enemy ship, but two.


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