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Dollar exchange rate in Ukraine: analyst made a forecast for January 2024

As of the evening of December 31 of this year, American currency, on average, cost 38.2 hryvnia/unit when selling, and 38.95 hryvnia/unit when buying at exchange offices, however soon such prices will be a thing of the past.

Dollar exchange rate in Ukraine: the analyst made a forecast for January 2024

Photo – rbc.ua

About the fact that from January next year in Ukraine the cash exchange rate of the dollar is likely to decline to 37.15 hryvnia/38.5 hryvnia for sales and purchases, respectively, writes NBN referring to the opinion of financial analyst Alexey Kozyrev, voiced on the YouTube channel “FINANCE.UA”.

According to Kozyrev, if his forecast comes true, then the value of the American currency will be fixed in the range from 37 .1 hryvnia to 38.6 hryvnia (upon sale and purchase, respectively).

In addition, the financial analyst emphasized that this trend will begin in the period from January 1 to January 10, since It is during this time period that an increase in the volume of currency supply on the domestic market is expected – the population will one way or another begin to celebrate the winter holidays, and “exchangers” at this moment do not intend to miss the profit, and “will try to buy it [the currency] at a reduced rate.”< /p>

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