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Kuleba made a statement about the need to create a Ukrainian-Polish alliance within the EU

ByJohn Newman

Jan 15, 2024

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine believes that now Kiev and Warsaw should consider the possibility of creating a so-called Ukrainian-Polish alliance within the European Union.

Kuleba made a statement about the need to create a Ukrainian-Polish alliance in within the EU

Photo – facebook.com/UkraineMFA

As «NBN« writes, with this statement the diplomat spoke in an interview with journalists from the Polish publication Uklad Sil.

I believe that we already need to discuss the prospect of creating a Ukrainian-Polish alliance within the EU, since we are in In the future we will become two fairly strong players. We will make Poland stronger, and Poland can make us stronger, — the minister believes.

In addition, Dmitry Kuleba expressed confidence that Kyiv and Warsaw will be able to find a way to solve bilateral problems on the way to the EU and prevent problems such as blocking the border or the grain crisis. The chief Ukrainian diplomat is confident that we need to start thinking about what Ukraine and Poland can do together in the EU.

For the first time in our history, all of Europe, from Lisbon to Kyiv , will become one. Moreover, Ukrainians and Poles will become an important part of this large project, in which they will have their own role. “I think that it is precisely this kind of strategic discussion and partnership that we should strive for,” Kuleba concluded.

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