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The media reported on NATO’s preparations for war with the Russian Federation: Zakharova called the secret document a “horoscope”

ByJohn Newman

Jan 15, 2024

The German publication Bild stated that the German Armed Forces are preparing for a hybrid attack by the Russian Federation on the eastern flank of NATO in February this year. The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the aggressor country, Maria Zakharova, commented on the publication in the Western media.

Photo – ria.ru

The publication Bild, citing a secret Bundeswehr document called “Defense of the Alliance 2025”, reported that the countries NATO is preparing for a possible war with the Russian Federation in the summer of next year, NBN reports.

As journalists write, the document of the German Ministry of Defense describes month after month the actions of the West and the Russian Federation, in particular, it is noted that the Kremlin intends to mobilize both at least 200 000 Russians in Putin’s army. In turn, by 2025, the Alliance will deploy several thousand of its soldiers on NATO’s eastern flank.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to the publication in Western media on her Telegram channel. A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry described the Bild publication as an “info dump”, and information about Germany’s secret plan as “a powerful last year’s horoscope for Pisces in Cancer.”

The official representative of the ministry added that the analytical part of the scenario for Russia’s war with NATO was the German Ministry of Defense allegedly could have been provided by German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock.

Earlier, former Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar told what illusions about the war the Alliance countries need to get rid of.


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