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Shmygal announced what decisions Kyiv expects to be made in the EU

ByJohn Newman

Feb 2, 2024

On Thursday, February 1, the heads of EU member states unanimously voted to provide Ukraine with 50 billion euros as part of the Ukraine Facility initiative, some of which may arrive as early as March of this year.

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Shmygal announced what decisions Kyiv expects to make in the EU

Photo – screenshot of FB video.

O  that our government assumes that soon the European Council will not only approve the allocation of some part of long-term military financial assistance, but will also seize and redirect the assets of a terrorist state, NBN writes, citing a statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal , published on his official Facebook account.

According to Shmygal, the EU leaders have finally confirmed their intentions regarding the extension of military support for our country—since March, Kiev is counting on the formation of a separate instrument for Ukraine , within the framework of the “European Peace Fund” (the case concerns 20 billion euros of military, and not macro-financial assistance for the next 4 years).

Also, on a separate basis, the Prime Minister of Ukraine highlighted the position of the European Union regarding the use and confiscation of “frozen” assets of the Russian Federation, emphasizing that just 1 year ago, such a decision was impossible, since Russians’ funds were protected by “sovereign immunity”: at this stage, the European Council is confirming a plan for redistribution of the indicated income, which is the first intermediate stage towards the complete withdrawal of Moscow's money.

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