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The crisis in the labor market in Ukraine: which specialists are in growing demand?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 3, 2024

This year, a predictable trend will be recorded in the labor market of our country – due to the intensification of the mobilization process, new vacancies will appear, that is, jobs will be freed up for men drafted into the army.

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Crisis in the market labor in Ukraine: for which specialists the demand is growing

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About what will be observed in Ukraine There is a shortage of people willing to get a job in non-prestigious professions in the industrial and construction sectors, writes NBN, citing a study conducted by the Gradus Research portal.

There is already a shortage of drivers of public vehicles/special equipment in Kiev , utility workers or excavator operators. In addition, it is very difficult for employers to find tractor drivers and personnel for production specialties.

For example, this year the need for specialists and workers is expected to increase to 481 600 people, and is vital There will be a need for those who can:

  • carry out mining/construction;
  • drive and maintain mobile machinery/equipment;
  • manage enterprises/institutions /organizations;
  • conduct calculations in the field of physical/mathematical/technical sciences;
  • offer developments in the field of applied sciences and technology.

Earlier we wrote that the State Statistics Service showed the income rating of Ukrainians by area of ​​work.


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