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The PFU told when relatives of deceased refugees can count on a special payment

ByJohn Newman

Feb 4, 2024

Refugee pensioners who left the country can not only suspend the accrual of benefits, but also provide additional social assistance to their families, but under very tragic circumstances.

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PFU told when relatives of deceased refugees can count on a special payment

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About whether relatives of displaced pensioners are entitled to payment of social assistance intended for organizing a funeral if an elderly citizen died outside of Ukraine, writes NBN, referring to the official Facebook account of the PFU.

In particular, if the pensioner stayed before his death on the territory of Poland, it is possible to receive funeral benefits for him by contacting the appropriate social insurance institution of this state, in accordance with the Agreement between Ukraine and ;Poland regarding social security.”

It should be noted that the amount of funeral benefit for a senior citizen is related to the norms of legislation according to which the age payment was previously assigned: for example, if the person was provided with a benefit assigned under the ZU” On the pension provision of persons discharged from military service and some other persons, then social assistance is paid in the amount of a 3-month pension, but not less than 5 times the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons (3,023 hryvnia ), that is, 15 115 hryvnia.

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