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SBU hit Ilsky and Afipsky oil refineries with drones in Russia – media

ByJohn Newman

Feb 9, 2024

On Friday, February 9, two oil refineries at once outside the territory of the aggressor country were attacked by drones. The media report that the Security Service of Ukraine carried out strikes on Russian refineries.

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SBU hit Ilsky and Afipsky oil refineries in Russia with drones – media

Photo – ria.ru

As reported by the Ukrainskaya Pravda publication, citing sources in the SBU, the special service carried out drone attacks on the Ilsky and Afipsky oil refineries in the Krasnodar region of the terrorist state, NBN reports.

According to the journalists’ interlocutor, as a result of the UAV attack, the Ilsky Oil Refinery was engulfed in a large fire. A primary processing plant with a capacity of 3.6 million tons per year was struck; without it, the Russians will not be able to produce diesel fuel for Putin’s occupation forces.

SBU drones also targeted the Afipsky oil refinery; the consequences of the shelling of this enterprise are still being clarified .

The source emphasized that both plants are legitimate targets for Ukraine. These enterprises not only provide fuel for the “second army of the world”, but are also important for the economy of the terrorist state.

He added that the aggressor country is a Goliath that stands on oil legs, and Ukraine will cut them off to until the giant falls.

Recall that the former deputy head of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation commented on UAV attacks on the refineries of a terrorist state.


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