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This is how it should be – Usik’s promoter let slip how much the Ukrainian will “receive” for the fight with Fury

ByJohn Newman

Feb 10, 2024

There is quite a lot of time left before the long-awaited fight between Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury, postponed to May 18 due to the Briton’s injury in training, however, according to the Ukrainian’s “advertising agent”, almost all tickets have been purchased, and resellers are offering them at prices ranging from 200,000 hryvnia to 1,000,000 hryvnia for a ringside seat, which seems to have caused an increase in the athletes’ fees.

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Photo – korrespondent.net

On what income Usik will receive from the fight with Fury, according to the words of the promoter of the Ukrainian champion, Alexander Krasyuk, writes NBN, referring to the YouTube channel SportArena.

How claims the sports functionary, the fight for the title of absolute world champion provoked a surge of incredible excitement in the sports community, and, thanks to this, the Ukrainian is guaranteed payment of a record fee, taking into account the entire history of fights in his career.

В&nbsp ;in particular, Krasyuk’s direct speech:

In a fight for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion with an undefeated champion, this is how it should be. That's a lot of money. This amount is more than the $17 million that Klitschko received for his victory over Povetkin in Moscow. This amount has long been greater.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the monks of the UGCC named the amount for which they sold Usik’s boxing gloves at auction, using the proceeds to purchase a UAV for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


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