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A new president has been elected in Finland: does the politician plan to meet with Putin?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 12, 2024

On March 1, former Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb will take office as head of state. The politician won the presidential elections in Finland, gaining 51.6% of the votes in the second round. The newly elected president answered whether he plans to meet with Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin.

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A new president was elected in Finland: does the politician plan to meet with Putin

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Stubb, who will take over the presidency from Sauli Niiniste on March 1, said that it is difficult to conduct any political dialogue with the head of the Kremlin while the Russian Federation continues its war of aggression against a neighboring state, reports “ NBN” with reference to the BBC.

The former head of the Finnish government emphasized that he does not see communication with the Russian dictator and other representatives of Moscow in the near future.

The former prime minister added, that for now he sees the path to peace in Ukraine only through the battlefield.

As reported, the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, spoke about how Ukraine’s Western allies can help it end the war faster. The Chancellor proposed four steps to achieve this goal.


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