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Chef on call: how much does a dinner from Klopotenok cost at your home?

The star genius of Ukrainian cooking, restaurateur and TV presenter Evgeniy Klopotenko admitted that sometimes he also works as a chef on the road. WomanEL tells you how much it costs for the dinner that Evgeniy will personally prepare at your home.

Cook on call Evgeniy Klopotenko. Source: Instagram

As Klopotenko said in an interview with Naodintsi, for a fairly tidy sum you can order him as a cook to prepare food for a private dinner, for a dinner party. They rarely order from Evgeniy, and the very attitude of customers towards the culinary genius does not suit him.

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We set a price with the company of 250 thousand hryvnia. I was ordered twice, but this is confidential information. These were just people who didn’t know me very well, they said that I was a service staff. But friends from abroad came to them and said that they wanted to order this chef. And they didn’t even know who I was, because I was too low level for them,

said Klopotenko.

Evgeniy Klopotenko

Evgeniy explained that he sets a high price because he wants to travel less and do less.

If I set a price tag of 10 thousand hryvnia, then that’s all I’ll do. I won't have time for other things. I put it at a high price if you really see the value in it. If there had been no war, I would have bet 15 thousand dollars,

the restaurateur noted.

Evgeniy also gives advice: if you want to eat deliciously, call another cool chef for 50 thousand hryvnia…

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