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Shameful practice: Pope against surrogacy

In an address to ambassadors accredited to the Holy See, Pope Francis listed the problems that have a detrimental effect on humanity. He named surrogacy as one of them. The Pontiff believes that this is a shameful practice that threatens global peace and human dignity, writes WomanEL.

The Pope is against surrogacy. Source: Vatican News

As reported by the Associated Press, the Pope noted that in the modern world the life of the unborn child has been turned into an object of trade.

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I consider the practice of so-called surrogacy disgusting, which is a gross violation of the dignity of a woman and a child, based on the exploitation of the situation of the mother’s financial difficulties. A child is always a gift and never the basis of a commercial contract, he said.

The Pontiff stressed that the child is a gift and not the basis of a commercial contract. He therefore called for a global ban on the practice. Also in his address, the Pope mentioned the war in Ukraine, the war between Israel and Hamas, migration, climate crises, and the production of conventional and nuclear weapons.

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