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Sofia Shanti and Mykyta Lomakin released a duet track

The unexpected duet of singer Sofia Shanti and performer Mykyta Lomakin turned out to be an excellent musical experiment, resulting in the common single “NATYAKI”. In the composition, the artists share their personal experiences, revealing a frank exchange of emotions and feelings, reports WomanEL.

The song creates an atmosphere of a sincere conversation between two former lovers. Sofia sings about her feelings without hints, talking about the tightness in her feelings and admitting that their formula of love does not work.

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I love freedom in all its manifestations, I love frankness, so I don’t want to let anyone into my “island” too close, because I have time to find my formula of love,

Sofia Shanti commented on the musical work.

By the way, fans of the artists are pleased they are surprised by the collaboration between Shanti and Lomakin and write in the comments that their overall sound is magical. Internet users also compare the Ukrainian singer and singer with world celebrities – Ariana Grande and The Weeknd.

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