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Famous Ukrainian actor Evgeniy Khait died

This morning in the city of Odessa, the famous Ukrainian actor, satirist and comedy show screenwriter Evgeniy Khait died, writes WomanEL.

The sad news of the artist’s death was reported by his relatives on the actor’s official Instagram page. It is known that the farewell ceremony for the great stage master will take place on January 23 at the Odessa Film Studio from 12:00 to 14:00. The artist will be buried at the Tairovsky cemetery at 33 French Boulevard.

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Zhenya passed away today. Lightning fast. It hurts endlessly. He loved life endlessly. He was incredibly talented, funny, bright, inventive, gentle, stubborn. That's not all. But more than that, he was smart. Wise. Zhenya is a smart, very gentle and talented person. Wonderful poems, beautiful and deep essays,

said in the statement.

Evgeniy Khait is honored by Ukrainian viewers and colleagues for his outstanding contribution to the humorous scene. Source: instagram.com/evgeniy_hait

Evgeniy’s colleague, Ukrainian actor Oleg Filimonov, expressed his condolences and honored the memory of his comrade, adding warm memories of teamwork and friendship. It was noted that the celebrity died of cardiac arrest.

Evgeniy Khait was a member of the KVN team at Odessa State University, an actor in the Gentleman Show and a screenwriter for the Naked and Funny project. His work will remain in the memory of viewers as a bright and unique embodiment of humor and talent.

By the way, today the star of the Beverly Hills series died at the age of 58.

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