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Animals are allowed entry: from now on you can take pets into the shelter

Finally, in Ukraine it is allowed to stay in shelters during air raids with pets. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has abolished the rule on non-admission and now animals are allowed entry, says WomanEL.

Animals are allowed entry. Source: Instagram

In December, the organization’s lawyers approached the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a proposal to change and update the ministry’s order, dated 2018, containing this provision.

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Now not allowing an animal into a shelter is a violation,

animal rights activists UAnimals note.

According to the new document, people entering a shelter with pets animals must be kept in separate rooms or secluded places. Also, pet owners must ensure:

  • continuous supervision of animals;
  • necessary conditions that meet the biological, species and individual characteristics of the pet;
  • safety surrounding people and animals, as well as property from harm to pets;
  • safety of the accompanied pet;
  • compliance with the requirements of sanitary, hygienic and veterinary standards and regulations.

Now you can take pets into the shelter. Source: Instagram

Animals that may pose a danger must be on a leash, and certain breeds included in the list of dangerous dog breeds must be muzzled.

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