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Guns N' Roses released a psychedelic music video created with the help of AI

Legends of the American Year Guns N’ The Roses have released a new video for the song “The General”. Artificial intelligence was involved in the creation of the video, writes WomanEL.

Guns N’ Roses. Source: Instagram

According to Blabber Mouth, the result is unlike anything the group has done before, and continues a long historical tradition of bold visual choices from stars.

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To implement the project, the group collaborated with Dan Potter, creative director of a London creative studio Creative Works.

The publication notes that this was a collaboration between real designers and artificial designers, and the inspiration came from the group.

Animated inserts made by AI — this is the subconscious of a young guy looking at monsters from dark childhood memories, the rockers explained.

In the psychedelic video, concert footage alternates with a visual journey into the depths of the young man’s consciousness. There reign childhood memories, monsters and terrible pictures of life.

The musicians performed “The General” live for the first time on November 2, 2023 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. The track was introduced as a song that they had not played before, and they added that it could be very interesting. And it turned out really interesting…

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