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MUDRA released a song about passion and love in cold weather

Today, the talented singer and mother of two children MUDRA presented a new single “Winter”. This song, which became a continuation of her debut track “Shalenіyu,” is dedicated to the separation of Ukrainian couples and romantic relationships during the cold season, writes WomanEL.

The song “Winter” talks about how difficult it is to experience separation from a loved one in winter, when you need warm hugs and closeness. MUDRA highlights the relevance of this topic at this time, when distance can be a test for the senses.

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In our present, it is increasingly difficult to cope with your feelings at a distance, but how beautiful these moments when you can feel your own embrace, at least for ten days. Personally, I associate this song with vivid sex with a loved one after a long separation. I want Zimno to contribute and inspire to improve the demographic state of the country – there should be 52 million of us, says the celebrity.

To Zimno's new song, MUDRA takes you into the world of feelings of separation, reminding you that every moment with your loved one is valuable. Source: press group

In its new track, MUDRA encourages Ukrainians not only to listen to the song, but also to find inspiration in it for love and the birth of a new life. Let us remember that the previous MUDRA track “Shaleniyu” talked about a long and strong love that has stood the test of time. According to the singer, after eight years, love becomes even brighter.

Listeners are invited to enjoy the new composition and follow the work of MUDRA, which continues to delight its fans with amazing and frank lyrics.

By the way, Alexander Usik recently released his own song.

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