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How the Russians ruined the life of Andrei Danilko

Andrey Danilko, also known as the author of Verka Serduchka, spoke about an important turn in his life – a lifelong ban on entry into the United Arab Emirates, writes WomanEL, citing the singer’s press group.

According to the artist , the reason for this ban is his speech in Dubai in 2022, at which he expressed his pro-Ukrainian position. Note that the official reason is not indicated in the documents, but the Emirati authorities believe that the artist caused “incitement of interethnic hatred.”

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Danilko commented on this situation, pointing out that that he only recently learned about his blacklisting. The artist believes that a group of Russians is behind this decision, taking measures in order to take revenge for laughing at Russian politics and the authorities, who often become the object of his satire and ridicule.

Andrey Danilko revealed the details of a lifelong ban on entry into the UAE. Source: instagram.com/v_serduchka

We must understand that this is not being done at the request of the Emirates authorities – it is being done at the direction of the Russian elite. This is definitely personal revenge. Why are they so enraged by Serduchka? Because she makes fun of them. They are annoyed that we gather full houses and publicly laugh at them. Meanwhile, Serduchka’s songs are still heard at New Year’s parties throughout Russia. And they can’t do anything about it, that’s why they rage and resort to such petty revenge,

the celebrity said.

Danilko also expressed confidence that this situation does not upset him, and he will continue his creative activity, collecting full houses at his concerts around the world. He urged fans not to be indignant and to continue to support Ukraine.

By the way, Andrei Danilko recently spoke about his friendship with Russian stars.

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