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Anna Salivanchuk addressed her fans with tears

Anna Salivanchuk lent her support to singer Nadya Dorofeeva, sharing her own emotions and addressing fans in a touching post. The Ukrainian actress does not hide her feelings and decides to express help to her colleague in a difficult moment, writes WomanEL.

In her blog, the star reposted a photo of Nadya, in which she appeared with tears in her eyes, without makeup or jewelry. Salivanchuk expressed words of support. The star also revealed that, despite her public image, she faces challenges in her life.

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You are not alone. Let's hold on. I'm not the only one crying today. There must be balance in everything. That is life. It was a message to the person who hurt me. Yes, we are people, and we are different. I cried and felt better. This is support for everyone who is feeling bad right now,

said Anna.

Anna Salivanchuk expresses solidarity with Dorofeeva, demonstrating that even stars are not immune from moral tests. Source: instagram.com/salivanchuk.anna

The actress shared personal footage in which she does not hide her emotions and cries. She noted that she supports Dorofeeva and agrees with her that there are difficult moments in the lives of each of us.

Although the actress did not provide details about what caused her hysteria, she determined that in life there are “ non-humans who lead to such a state.” Anna explained that the purpose of these shots is to show that stars are also ordinary people who sometimes have a very hard time mentally. She expressed a desire to support everyone who is experiencing similar difficulties.

By the way, Anna Salivanchuk recently showed up at the police station.

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