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Rebrov’s fate after Euro 2024 has been determined: will he continue to lead the Ukrainian national team?

ByИван Дунаев

Jul 10, 2024

 Rebrov's fate after Euro 2024 has been determined: will he continue to lead the Ukrainian national team

UAF expressed full confidence in Rebrov and his coaching staff.

Sergey Rebrovwill remain as head coach of the Ukrainian national team after the final tournament of Euro 2024.

This is reported on the official website of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF).

On Wednesday, July 10, a meeting of the UAF Executive Committee was held at the Football House. After discussing the performances of the national team, at the proposal of the organization's president Andrei Shevchenko, full support was expressed for Rebrov and his coaching staff.

This proposal was supported by all members of the executive committee. In turn, Rebrov thanked for the trust and emphasized that he believes in the team’s potential.

“The UAF has created all the conditions for the high-quality preparation of the national team for Euro 2024. But it should be mentioned that Sergei Rebrov headed the team after the beginning of the qualifying cycle. And we also took this into account when assessing the work of the coaching staff.

Now the task of the national team is to prepare for performances in the League of Nations, which will begin in September, and qualification for the 2026 World Cup,” – Shevchenko noted.

At Euro 2024, the “blue-yellows” failed to reach the playoffs. Rebrov's team lost crushingly to Romania (0:3), won a strong-willed victory over Slovakia (2:1) and tied with Belgium (0: 0).

Each team of Quartet E scored 4 points, but due to the worst goal difference, the Ukrainian team took last place in the group and was eliminated from the European Championship.

Previously it became known how much the Ukrainian national team earned at Euro 2024.


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