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The Ukrainian Armed Forces received new ground drones for testing

 ВСУ получили новые наземные дроны для испытаний

Photo: Ukrainian Armed Forces received new ground drones for testing (https://milaniongroup.com) Author: Vladislav Priymenko

The Ukrainian Armed Forces received new ground-based drones for testing on the front lines.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Defense Express.

The Ukrainian Armored Vehicles company handed over the AGEMA advanced robotic platform to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for testing. The platform was developed by Milanion from the UAE, and Ukrainian Armored Vehicles adapted it for use in Ukrainian conditions and is making its own improvements.

The purpose of testing the AGEMA robotic platform on the front line is to evaluate its capabilities in real combat conditions. Based on the test results, the Ukrainian military will decide whether any modifications need to be made to the platform and, if so, at what capacity to carry them out: either in Ukraine or sending them to partners from Milanion

System characteristics

The AGEMA platform weighs 602 kilograms and is equipped with an internal combustion engine with a capacity of 40 horsepower. It can carry up to 622 kilograms of cargo by land, up to 330 kilograms of cargo by water, or tow cargo weighing up to 544 kilograms.

AGEMA 8×8 is capable of moving on land at speeds of up to 29 km/h, and on water at speeds of up to 5 km/h. It can be used for a variety of missions, such as logistics support, reconnaissance, casualty evacuation, launching or combating unmanned aerial vehicles, providing cellular communications and performing humanitarian functions.

According to the source, the presentation of the AGEMA platform took place at the Arms and Security 2021 exhibition.

Ukrainian drones

Earlier we wrote that the head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk spoke about the decision to strengthen service snipers with combat groups with FPV drones.

We also wrote that the special services blew up the Crimean Bridge with the help of Ukrainian Sea Baby sea drones. The devices were controlled at a distance of more than 900 km.

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