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US provides $250 million in military aid to Ukraine – Blinken

 США выделяют военную помощь Украине на 250 миллионов долларов, - Блинкен

Photo: Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States of America (Getty Images) Author: Natalia Kava

The United States of America provided Ukraine with a military aid package of $250 million.

RBC-Ukraine reports this with reference to a statement by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“The U.S. Department of Defense announced additional security to meet Ukraine's critical security and defense needs. This announcement marks the fifty-fourth tranche of assistance that the Biden Administration will provide to Ukraine from Department of Defense stockpiles beginning in August 2021,” the statement said. .

The new aid package includes additional air defense, artillery ammunition, anti-tank weapons and other equipment that will help Ukraine resist Russian aggression.

The new assistance package includes:

  • additional ammunition for NASAMS air defense systems;
  • Stinger anti-aircraft missiles;
  • air defense system components;
  • additional ammunition for HIMARS;
  • artillery shells of 155 mm and 105 mm caliber;
  • tube-launched optically tracked wire-guided (TOW) missiles;
  • Javelin and AT-4 anti-tank systems;
  • more than 15 million rounds of small arms ammunition;
  • explosive ammunition for clearing interference;
  • spare parts, medical equipment, maintenance and other auxiliary equipment.

Help to Ukraine from the USA

Let us remind you that the US Congress could not approve Biden’s request to allocate more than $100 billion for national security needs until the end of 2023. This request includes more than $60 billion for Ukraine.

The main stumbling block was the Republicans, who refused to support the initiative. They are demanding that the White House include their proposals for strengthening border security in its request.

Yesterday, December 20, it became known that Congress went on vacation without approving Biden's request. At the same time, the funds provided for assistance to Ukraine in the United States remain for one package of military assistance.

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