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A collapse in prices for one of the most popular vegetables in Ukraine: in a week the price dropped by a quarter

 Price collapse for one of the most popular vegetables in Ukraine: in a week the price has dropped by a quarter

The reason for the price drop is a significant decrease in quality at the end of the storage season.

In the Ukrainian consumer market there is a tendency for prices for white cabbage to decline rapidly. Since April 2, producers have been selling their goods on average 26% cheaper than last week.

EastFruit writes about this.

According to the publication, cabbage sales deals are concluded at a price of 5 -10 UAH/kg, while in the last week of March the price for this popular vegetable often reached 12 UAH/kg.

The main reason for the collapse in prices is a drop in demand and sales due to low quality products. In addition, in the markets you can already buy young early cabbage of the new harvest, although the prices for it are quite high.

The publication notes that this year cabbage prices in Ukraine are on average 55% lower than in April 2023. A year ago, white cabbage during this period was sold for 15–18 UAH/kg. Market analysts believe that the price of cabbage will continue to decline in accordance with the further deterioration in quality.

Recall that carrots have sharply fallen in price in Ukraine. Farms are actively selling available volumes of products.


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