• 16/04/2024 14:02

“American political games”: Hodges explained when Ukraine will receive help from the United States

This is influenced, in particular, by problems at the US border.

Ukraine's situation in terms of military assistance is becoming increasingly precarious. At the same time, the issue of financing assistance to Ukraine from the United States may be resolved before February 2024.

This opinion was expressed by the former commander of US troops in Europe, retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, during a telethon.

He noted that what is happening in the United States is reminiscent of American political games.

“We do have problems at the US border. We don't have the right immigrant policy. We haven't found the right balance between attracting the people we need and protecting sovereignty and stopping the influx of criminal gangs and drugs. This is a serious problem in US policy. And so Republicans see this as an opportunity for pressure,” he emphasized.

As Biden and Democrats race to help Ukraine, Republicans are prioritizing local, home-based policy gains over international politics. In particular, the Republican Party is now more vulnerable than ever to Russian disinformation and exploiting Russian propaganda.

“And no matter how many missiles the enemy fires, no matter how many shellings and attacks – vile, merciless, massive – in an effort to break us, Ukrainians, intimidate, knock Ukraine off its feet, drive it underground, we will still rise,” he said . .

Meanwhile, the Institute for the Study of War believes that military support for Ukraine from the West is the only way to prevent Russian President-dictator Vladimir Putin from achieving his goals in the war. Withholding aid will cause the country to lose its ability to deter occupiers.

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