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Autogas prices have risen in Ukraine – prices at gas stations

 Autogas has become more expensive in Ukraine – prices at gas stations

Prices for autogas are rising.

In the networks of gas stations in Ukraine liquefied motor gas during the period from February 19 to 20, the price increased by an average of 11 kopecks/l – to 26.88 UAH/l.

Enkorr reports this with reference to data from the A-95 Consulting Group.

So, at the stations of the Ukrnafta network, the price of a liter of autogas increased by 50 kopecks, to 26.40 hryvnia.

The product has risen in price by the same amount in the Avantage network, but its price, despite this , remains the cheapest among retail operators – 25.45 UAH/l.

At BVS and Avtotrans stations, this type of fuel has risen in price by 50 and 40 kopecks/l, to 26.69 UAH/l and 26.88 UAH/l, respectively.

The U.GO gas station chain increased prices for automobile gas by 17 kopecks, to 26.78 hryvnia per liter.

“BRSM-Oil” on 30 kopecks – up to 26 hryvnia per liter.

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