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Beet prices have fallen sharply in Ukraine: what are the prices?

 In Ukraine, beets have sharply fallen in price : what are the prices

Despite the reduction in price, the cost is higher than a year earlier.

At the beginning of the week, prices in Ukrainian stores and markets began to declinepricesfor table beets.

This was reported by analysts of the EastFruit project.

It is noted that the selling prices for the borscht set vegetable are 8-14 hryvnia per kilogram. This is 13% cheaper than at the end of last week.

According to market participants, the reduction in beet prices is caused by a decrease in demand. This is happening against the backdrop of the fact that the quality of these root crops in storage is rapidly deteriorating. Analysts note that farmers are forced to reduce selling prices in this segment even though the stocks of table beets in the storage facilities of Ukrainian farms are rapidly declining.

However, even in such conditions, Ukrainian producers manage to ship table beets at an average of two times more expensive than in the first half of April 2023.

As reported, apple prices are rising in Ukraine. The cost of fruit is breaking records. However, prices may rise further due to a seasonal decrease in the volume of domestic products.

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