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Easter basket prices have risen in Ukraine: how much do traditional products cost?

 The price has increased in Ukraine Easter basket: how much do traditional products cost

You will have to pay the most for meat products.

This year in Ukraine traditional Easter basket products have become more expensive. The set will cost 1,422 UAH – 17.6% more than in the past. In 2023, it cost 1,208.78 UAH.

This was reported by the National Research Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics.”

It is noted that scientists made calculations for a family of four. We took into account the cost of the following products: Easter cake, eggs, homemade sausage, boiled pork, lard, butter, soft and hard cheese, horseradish and salt.

Cost of Kulichaccording to the recipe (700 g flour, 6 eggs, 150 g butter, 300 g milk, 400 g sugar, 40 g yeast, 200 g raisins) will be 179.8 UAH per 1 kg. This is almost ten hryvnia more than the cost of the 2023 belt.

Such a slight increase in the price of these baked goods is due to a significant decrease in prices for eggs (almost 30%), sugar (-15%) and flour (-5% ). However, the components of Easter cakes have risen in price: butter (+16.4%), milk (+13.6%), yeast (+9.6%), raisins (+15.6%).

The most expensive components of the Easter basket are meat products:homemade sausage (0.5 kg) – 200 UAH (380-420 UAH per 1 kg), and boiled pork (0.5 kg) – 250 UAH (500-540 UAH per 1 kg) – this is more than 14% more than in the past. The cost of lard remained almost at the level of last year – up to 110 UAH. for 0.5 kg.

Among dairy productsyou will have to pay more for: hard cheese (0.5 kg) – 250 UAH, butter (0.5 kg) – 194.75 UAH, soft cheese (0.5 kg) – 107.5 UAH. Compared to 2023, the cost of hard cheese increased by 31.9%, soft cheese – by 23.0%, butter – by 16.4%.

The price of horseradish ( 250 g) will be 26 UAH (25-29 UAH). Also symbolic is the cost of salt (100-150 g) – 3 UAH.

If the Easter basket is supplemented with other, non-essential ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, red wine (Cahors) – its cost will increase to 1652.05 UAH. This is 12.9% higher than the cost of last year’s basket of the same composition at UAH 1,463.28.

“The increase in the cost of the Easter basket is clearly caused by the consequences of military operations – significant monetary and material losses of the domestic economy and Ukrainian families, a reduction in production, rising energy costs, complications in the internal movement of products, and the uncertainty of many people even in the near future,” explained the director of the Institute, academician of the National Academy of Sciences Lupenko .

As reported, some products have become cheaper in Ukraine. Compared with February, in March of this year, average prices for goods in Ukraine decreased by 0.2%.

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