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Exchange rates on April 29: how much are the dollar, euro and zloty

 Exchange rates for April 29: how much are the dollar, euro and zloty

The currency fell in price after the weekend.

The National Bank of Ukraine set the official rate for April 29 dollar exchange rate at 39.6 UAH. It immediately fell in price by 7 kopecks.

The NBU reports this.

The euro fell by 8 kopecks and costs 42.44 UAH. The official exchange rate of the Polish zloty is 9.81 UAH.

  • In exchange offices, the dollar is sold for an average of 39.9 UAH. They buy for 39.7 UAH.
  • For euros in exchange offices they offer 42.75 UAH. Sold at 42.9 UAH

Dollar exchange rate in banks

PrivatBank – 39.35-39.95 UAH
“FUIB” – 39.50-39.99 UAH
“UkrSibbank” – 39.35-39.90 UAH
“Ukreximbank” – 39.35-39.95 UAH

Euro exchange rate in banks

“PrivatBank” – 42.00-43.00 UAH
“FUIB” – 42.40-43.00 UAH< br /> “UkrSibbank” – 42.10-43.00 UAH
“Ukreximbank” – 42.25-43.05 UAH

Zloty exchange rate in banks< /p>

“PrivatBank” – 9.70-9.92 UAH
“FUIB” – 9.40-9.90 UAH
“Ukreximbank” – 9.65-9.95 UAH

It was previously reported that in May the foreign exchange market in Ukraine will be influenced by a number of important factors. However, the overall strategic picture will remain more or less stable.

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