• 12/04/2024 10:45

Increase in pensions in 2024 – how many pensioners will receive more

 Повышение пенсий в 2024 году – сколько пенсионеров будут получать больше

Who will be affected by the pension increase next year?

In Ukraine, all social payments will increase in 2024. The increase in pensions will affect more than half of pensioners, especially those who receive minimum payments.

People's deputy from the Batkivshchyna parliamentary faction, first deputy chairman of the committee on social policy and protection of veterans' rights, Mikhail Tsymbalyuk, announced this during the telethon.

“The increase in pensions will be insignificant, but will affect the majority of all pensioners in Ukraine, especially those who receive a minimum pension. This is really important, because it will at least cover the level of inflation,” the people’s deputy noted.

Tsymbalyuk also noted that the budget for 2024 includes an increase in the cost of living – 2920 UAH for those who are able to work and 2360 UAH for those who have lost their ability to work.

According to him, the minimum wage will increase to 7,100 hryvnia from January, and to 8 thousand hryvnia in April.

Let us remind you that the Cabinet of Ministers made a forecast for the salaries of Ukrainians in 2024-2026.


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