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Inflation growth in Ukraine: how and why prices jumped

 Inflation growth in Ukraine: how and what prices jumped

Food and non-alcoholic drinks increased in price by 2.6%.

Inflation in the consumer market in February 2024 compared to January amounted to 0.3%, and since the beginning of the year – 0.7%. However, there are certain areas in the price corridors of products and goods, where the increase in the cost of goods was significantly higher.

This was reported by the State Statistics Service.

Vegetables increased in price the most – by 4.4%. Prices also increased for beef, butter, milk and dairy products, soft drinks, rice, bread, fish and fish products, fruits – from 0.4 to 2.9%.

However, there was an active reduction in prices for other products – eggs, pork, sugar, poultry, sunflower oil, processed grain products, lard. In this product category, the reduction occurred from 0.8 to 3.5%.

Prices for alcohol and cigarettes increased by 0.7%, including the largest increase in prices for tobacco products. According to statistical observations, clothing and shoes are 3.4-3.5% cheaper. Transport prices decreased by 0.2%.

Earlier it became known that greenhouse cucumbers have fallen in price in Ukraine. One of the reasons is the warm and sunny weather in most regions.

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy believes that in 2024 prices for basic products in Ukraine will remain stable, but only those produced in Ukraine.< /p>


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