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Large-scale blows to the energy sector have resulted in demand for gasoline: what will happen to prices

 Large-scale attacks on the energy sector have resulted in demand for gasoline: what will happen to prices

There is no shortage of fuel in the country.

Due to massive attacks by the Russian army For energy facilities in some regions of Ukraine, the demand for gasoline is growing. However, it may continue to grow.

Sergei Kuyun, director of the consulting company A-95, told about this in a comment to the “Commander in Chief.”

Additional demand for gasoline in certain regions (Kharkov, Odessa ) has already. Owners of gas station networks confirm that with these attacks on the energy sector, their sales have increased. If power outages are global and spread across all regions, of course, this demand will be much greater,” the expert notes.

Kuyun notes that increased demand will not lead to higher fuel prices. After all, the price is affected by shortages, which is not available in Ukraine. It will not affect the cost and protests on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

“On the contrary, there is a constant surplus – more fuel than we need. Accordingly, there is no reason for prices to rise,” says the expert.

Recall that Energy Minister German Galushchenko said whether blackouts are possible in Ukraine due to massive strikes by the Russian Federation. According According to him, Ukrainians need to prepare for any scenario in the spring and summer.

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