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Money to card: The National Bank may limit card transfers of Ukrainians

Money to card : The National Bank may limit card transfers of Ukrainians

Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova said that the National Bank is working on restrictions on card transfers. And they will concern businesses and individuals.

The NBU may introduce new restrictions on card transfers by individuals to reduce the number of shadow transactions. However, the decision has not yet been made.

This became known during the conference “Finance for business during war” from the deputy head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ekaterina Rozhkova.

She said that it continues elaboration of restrictions on card transfers. And they will concern businesses and individuals.

As banker Anna Dovgalskaya later said in a commentary to Channel 24, the idea of ​​limiting transfers of funds between individuals is important. And we are talking about payments that are, to one degree or another, in the shadows.

Dovgalskaya gave an example of such transactions, namely payment for services or purchase of goods through a P2P mechanism that does not provide for payments related to commercial activities.

Note that P2P (peer-to-peer – “from person to person”) is a transfer from card to card, which is the easiest way to send money.

According to the expert, the possible introduction of restrictions will help ensure that the so-called “businessmen” will not be able to avoid paying taxes.

“However, it will be important to establish “fair restrictions” that will not affect the interests of the majority of citizens. Let me remind you “that more than 90% of citizens are card users,” she added.
What the limits may be

We would like to remind you that in the banking sector there are already restrictions due to the requirements of the legislation on financial monitoring:< /strong>

  • transfers totaling more than 400 thousand hryvnia require banks to more carefully study the origin of the transferred funds.
  • usually bank limits provide for the transfer of funds in the amount of up to 30 thousand hryvnia per transaction, and the total volume of transfers from one client is up to 400 thousand hryvnia.

“There is also a requirement to accompany transfers with information about the sender and recipient, to track the so-called “shredding” of payments between the sender and the recipient. Banks are also guided by internal rules: they analyze the frequency, quantity, turnover, type of transactions, location of transactions, etc.,” adds banker.

At the same time, Dovgalskaya notes that it is too early to talk about what new restrictions might be. Still, the idea has not yet acquired signs of specificity and has not been formalized, for example, into a bill.

But it is worth noting that restrictions may affect:

  • translation frequencies,
  • transfer amount per transaction,
  • maximum amount of payments per month,
  • maximum total amount of transfers per month.

She also paid Please note that the innovations are unlikely to affect the majority of Ukrainian citizens. These could be measures to strengthen financial monitoring, attempts to remove “wells” due to which the flow of money of unknown origin does not stop.

Recall that TSN.ua has already reported on the preparation of a NBU decision on introducing restrictions on card transfers for bank clients. We are talking about the fight against tax evasion.


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