• 25/04/2024 09:18

NBU changes rules for exchanging damaged banknotes: what you need to know

 NBU changes the rules exchange of damaged banknotes: what you need to know

The National Bank has somewhat simplified the currency exchange mechanism.

National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) will change the rules for the exchange of hryvnia bills, change and circulating coins.

This is reported by the NBU.

The changes are related to the need to adjust certain rules in accordance with the provisions of the law “On the National Bank of Ukraine” , which came into force on January 1 of this year.

In particular, the regulator initiates:

  • a simplified mechanism for exchanging banknotes that have lost payment features from -for fire, disaster, other accidents or natural disasters, as well as household damage
  • clarification of the requirements for actions with banknotes damaged during the emergency regime – the regulator must exchange banknotes recognized as damaged during the emergency regime, according to results of an inspection, based on a court decision or ruling

Previously the NBU explained what to do with banknotesthat the terminal does not accept, as well as in what cases damaged hryvnia can be exchange for completely new ones.


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