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Pension in Ukraine: how to independently calculate the amount of payments

Pension in Ukraine: how to independently calculate the amount of payments

You just need to register your personal account on the PFU web portal and enter your data.

In 2024, Ukrainians will have the opportunity to calculate the amount pension payments and retirement age by simply entering your personal data and the amount of current income into the electronic service.

This was reported by the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

The information said that currently the amount of future payments can be calculated using a “pension calculator”. This is an electronic service that allows you to determine the size of a future pension and even the age at which it will be received.

On the official website of the fund, it is advised to select the appropriate algorithm for calculating the pension – based on the entered data or taking into account the length of service that will be acquired on the date of retirement age.< /p>

“If necessary, update data on your work activity – add periods of work activity with determination of wages and edit (if necessary) the amount of monthly earnings. Click “Add period”, fill out the required fields in the “New period of work activity” form,” the message says .

In addition, as noted by the Pension Fund, the results of personal pension calculations will be available in your personal account on the web portal of electronic services of the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

We remind you that in order to retire on age in 2024 need to accumulate the following insurance experience:

  • at 60 years old – from 31 years of experience
  • at 63 years old – from 21 to 31 years of experience
  • at 65 years old – from 15 to 21 years

Previously we wrote that from April 1, pensions will be automatically recalculated those Ukrainians who continued to work after appointment or recalculation.This is all provided that as of March 1, 2024, such a pensioner acquired 24 months of insurance experience.

▶ On YouTube- TSN channel you can watch the video at this link: Changes from April 1! Minimum wages and pensions will increase!


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