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Poland wants to introduce a ban on a number of Ukrainian products: what’s on the list

 Poland wants to introduce a ban on a number of Ukrainian products: what is on the list

We are talking about reproach, poultry meat, eggs, frozen raspberries, apple juice, sunflower and rapeseed oil.

Due to the losses suffered byPolish farmersHaving therefore arranged a blockade on the border, Poland intends to “protect its market” from some more Ukrainian products.

The Minister of Agriculture of Poland, Czeslaw Sekierski, made a statement about this, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, farmers from Poland and other EU countries cannot withstand competition.

“Due to the excessive opening of the territory of the European Union to the influx of goods from Ukraine, Polish farmers suffered the greatest losses. There is no doubt that Ukraine needs help, but the opening to the import of agricultural products into the EU cannot be the same as now,” — he said.

The Polish government proposes to introduce significant restrictions on the flow of sensitive goods from Ukraine, including detailed and even restrictive controls at the border.

The main demand of the protest of Polish protesters remains the excessive flow of agri-food products from Ukraine to the Polish market and a drop in the profitability of agricultural production.

Our common goal is a strong Polish and European agriculture, capable of protecting itself from unfair competition and decisions that do not take into account the specifics of agricultural production,” he said.

Blockade on the border with Poland – what is knownis

As of the morning of February 23, Polish farmers continue to block the movement of freight vehicles at six checkpoints on the border with Poland. More than 2,400 trucks are in queues in the neighboring country.< /p>

The European Commission continues to search for a compromise solution that would coordinate support for the Ukrainian economy, including its agricultural sector, and the protection of sensitive sectors of the European market.

According to the expert, blocking and disruption of logistics< /strong> will lead to a deterioration in the economic situation and a decrease in the income of Poles involved in logistics chains or serving transit.

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